Some girls prefer diamonds…

And although I’ve had my fair share of diamonds in the past, what pleases me most is when my hubby remembers something I’ve mentioned and surprises me with it!

Today it was an ironing board cover!! I know, most women would not be thrilled by the acquisition of an ironing board cover. I had mentioned in coversation one day that I REALLY needed to GET a new ironing board cover for all the seams on my quilt patches I had been pressing open. I was afraid that my old teflon ironing board cover that is more than 20 years old was going to leave stains on my lovely quilt fabric.

First, let me explain. My husband and I have our own seperate finances. My intention when I made that statement was to make a run to Walmart before he went fishing today to get the ironing board cover. But, before I could – he showed up with one! What a sweet man! Not only did he save me from having to get dressed and go out – he paid! LOL I was thrilled! Okay, I know I’m pretty corny, but this is what I like!

Better yet, two days in a row he’s done this. Yesterday he came home with shine spray and Job fertilizer spikes for my houseplants! Once again, just something overheard in conversation and my need was met! I had tried to find them last time I was in Walmart to no avail, so he saved me alot of frustration and aggravation, not to mention time! That man of mine is so thoughtful and sweet!

He’s done this with much bigger, more expensive items as well (microwave oven, food processor, blender, iron – blah, blah, blah) I know – you see a pattern, don’t you? Well, for all you naysayers – he doesn’t wrap them and give them to me as gifts – he’s just meeting the need.

Alot of women wouldn’t stand for it! Like I said – they prefer/want/need DIAMONDS! Or something else for that matter!! It’s the thought behind it that is most important to me. If you are still grousing about his choices, let me also state that this is the same man who has bought me the most beautiful shoes (that he picked out unbeknownst to me) or has gone against his very nature by buying me a dress at a second-hand store (not because he was cheap) but because he knew it was exactly what I would like! He hates resale shops and garage sales – but it was hanging in the window calling his name.

One time he bought me a book on GRACE and wrote the most beautiful note on the inside cover. Thank you, hubby! You are the only diamond I need!


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