No DIY in July…

For the past three years I’ve gotten a break from taking care of grandsons in the month of July.  It’s nice to have a month off to catch up on some very much needed housework etc;.  It is also our anniversary month (the 29th) and so we usually plan a small celebration to recognize and appreciate each other.

This time last year I decided that while the boys were away I would “renovate” (I use the term loosely) our home office.  It had been an “eyesore” for far too long.  ImageReally all I had planned to do was give it a fresh coat of paint (you can see the two options I was trying to choose from) and paint all the baseboard and moldings a glossy white. Since I was “retired” (this is our insurance office), I was also going to eliminate one of three desks giving hubby a great deal more room.

It only took me about 3-4 days to complete – hubby helped a little, primarily with painting the trim and around the ceiling fan on the ceiling.Image


I had to tape and put plastic down everywhere because we had a good carpet on the floor that we wouldn’t be removing.  Anyway, I digress…as I sit here typing this – I sit in the final result that is still looking good after one year – 



I love DIY projects, especially home improvement.  ImageThen, two years ago (while still caring for Granny in our home & two boys)  I decided to tackle my kitchen cabinets!  I had a long Memorial Day weekend (5 days off) and thought it would be a great time to begin refinishing my kitchen cabinets.

They were hideous! What was I thinking when I painted them this horrible deep burgandy color?  You will notice from the picture that they were a “country blue” color prior to the burgandy. That was the color they were when we bought the house – I can’t take the blame for that one!!ImageI began the sanding process after I received an electric sander and Home Depot gift card as a gift.  

I tackled this task outside on my back patio in the Texas summer heat!  What a mess!! And I was truly thinking I could get this all doneImagein five days!  Boy, was I wrong!! When the 5 days had expired and the boys had returned to my mess – hubby kicked in and began to help.  We had to block the kitchen off with barricades so little fingers & feet etc; wouldn’t get hurt and when we got our break again in July our project was ongoing!  Surely believing that by Aug. 1st when boys returned we would be finished we plodded onward!!ImageOMG! Were we having fun yet?  It was a long summer of DIY that ended up being finished over Labor Day weekend.  But, being one that always completes a task she begins (no matter what it is) – the final result was well worth the wait! ImageI changed out all the hinges and knobs and added a little embellishment to the front.  I still want to change out the flooring and counter tops, but two years later I can still say we chose a good neutral color and a good quality paint that wipes clean easily.  It’s kinda like labor pains – it was rough going through it, but no regrets and an awesome present at the end! LOL

So, I said all that to say this —there will be no DIY in July – this year, at least!!  Although I’ve thought about for a year now re-doing a guest bedroom (mostly just paint again)…While the grandsons are away, I will be busy finishing one quilt a client ordered for her grandaughter’s birthday in Aug. and beginning work on a t-shirt quilt that a friend from church ordered to hopefully be completed by Labor Day. Stay tuned for my next post which will be all about the evening projects I worked on in June to produce some income for me in July.  I will also be filling you in on our plans for our anniversary celebration soon – so I hope you will keep reading.  Posts will be more frequent with the boys away – busy, busy, busy…but it’s what truly  makes me happy.  Love being busy but will enjoy some rest this month too!


Been busy sewing, instead of blogging

Been busy sewing, instead of blogging

Sometimes I get on a track…and I have a hard time getting off. This week I was on one of those tracks. It was the sewing/quilting track. As much as there were other things to do and other things I wanted to do, I wanted to sew MORE.

In fact, yesterday I decided to have a little “crafting fellowship” with a few ladies from church. It was a spur of the moment decision – (those usually work out the best) with very little planning.

What I told the three ladies that attended was that “my motivation was quite selfish”. I told them that I was lonely for good Christian fellowship since I rarely get to go to church and see all my sisters in Christ. I also was motivated because of a conversation I recently had with one of the ladies about making quilts. She really wanted to get started on one, and was looking for “inspiration”. I suggested she come over so I could give her some tips to get started. So, that’s where it all began.

We had one 9 yr. old granddaughter of one of the ladies attend as well, and I don’t know about my 4 guests – but I had a great time! We spent about 4 hours (2 of which was all about quilting) laughing, eating and enjoying each other’s company. I’m so glad I decided to do it. It was just what the doctored ordered! (I wish I had taken some pics of all of us)…but the only pic I took was of this block I created right before their very eyes!!

I am so excited about this block because it’s from a class I am taking online called “Traditional blocks Made Simple”. It is so easy and comes together like “magic”. This is the second quilt I will be making from this pattern, having just finished my first one. Check out if you are interested. They are great and have some FREE classes too!

One of the ladies that attended is not a “craft type person” – it was all so “overwhelming” to her. I find it quite humorous and interesting at how different people and their interests can be. She was such a good sport at sitting though my little “class” that was mainly for the benefit of one lady. I told her the story of my closest friend, Karen – who I share very little in common with – and yet we are closest friends. Karen isn’t “crafty” either. I think most crafts just FRUSTRATE her. She doesn’t consider herself creative at all. She’s attended a couple “scrapbook socials” I’ve had and did most of the talking while the rest of us did the creating! LOL

The things I find relaxing, calming, and give my heart great joy are:

Crafts of all kinds
DIY & Organization (home improvements and renovation)
Re-purposing of an old item into something new

Shall I go on? No, some of you I am probably boring to tears. Suffice it to say, I had lots of topics I wanted to blog about this past week, but I couldn’t pull myself away from the sewing machine!! That is, when I wasn’t tending to grandsons, hubby or Granny. (I don’t sew during the day when boys are here. I like to give them quality time at the park, in the pool, playing games or reading and learning). I also love to feed them! Ethan says, “Mmmmm, Maw Maw this is good”…music to my ears.

Speaking of food…I made a yummy chicken salad for the ladies yesterday that I thought you might enjoy:


12 oz. rotisserie chicken, chopped
1 c. grapes halved (red or green)
1 c. finely chopped celery
1/2 t. salt
1/4 t. pepper
1/3 c. slivered almonds
1 c. light mayonnaise

Mix well and chill. I like to serve on sandwich thins. Also great served with crackers or on a lettuce leaf.

Stay tuned – I will try to get back to more important topics soon. School is out and I will have 4 granchildren to care for in June. Phew!


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