Cuddly, soft pillow quilts for baby…

Happy Independence Day to all!  I hope you are doing just want you want to do on this 4th of July. Unlike when we were younger & in years past, hubby and I have very little planned for the weekend. We have decided to enjoy the solitude of home and each other and just relax.

He and the baby son went fishing last night and this morning and caught 9 catfish – so he promised to fix me some tomorrow.  Not exactly “diet food” but I love me some fried catfish, french fries and hush puppies.  (Weighed in this morning and lost 3 lbs. my first week back to doing WW).  So, I will take at easy, but I will enjoy a little “treat” tomorrow – and then get right back to what I’ve been doing.

We had the 5 month old grandson, Jackson on Wed. and Thurs so this has been my first day to really have an opportunity to sit at the sewing machine & sew.  I have three orders for pillow quilts to make and deliver next week.  All three are for little boys…

I personalize them with the baby’s name and machine embroider butterflies on many of them.  

Baby Genius fabric, Disney fabric, Gingham, Dotted Swiss, –you name it!! I’ve been having so much fun making these and really come in handy for shower/baby gifts.  They are quick and easy to make and wash up really nicely!

These are pretty much all that I worked on in June, were pillow quilts, because they have been pretty popular locally and I’ve sold a few on E-bay as well.  (Etsy…not so much, not sure what’s up with that.)

I will be sewing like a mad woman in July while the grandsons are off visiting family. My daughter brought Kash by to see me today, because when he woke up he said he wanted to go to Maw Maw’s house.  Sweet boy, only been a week since I’ve seen him, but I got some hugs and kisses before he went off to the 4th of July festivities at the convention center.  


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  1. A.PROMPTreply
    Jul 05, 2014 @ 03:36:18

    Oh! I love these! I want to make them. Are they quicker to do than “real” quilts? Oh, I so wish I had time for things like this. You’re definitely going to have to share how you make these……they would make great shower gifts, get-well gifts, etc. Oh, I want them!


    • bittygirl51
      Jul 05, 2014 @ 15:05:26

      Are they quicker than “real” quilts? There is no comparison! These are “rag type” quilts so #1 there is #1) no edge binding #2) No “quilting” #3) very forgiving when it comes to lines and points not being precise etc;

      It takes me about five hours to cut, assemble, snip and wash one. The embroidered butterfly squares take longer, but I have two machines, so while one is embroidering butterflies I am sewing & assembling on the other. I will gladly e-mail you the directions if you would like


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