Are bloggers narcissists?

I was hoping that title would grab your attention.  I’ve been away for awhile for several reasons, but mostly because I’ve chosen to spend more time on my sewing machine and less time on the computer.  I’m a hobbyist.  I love all types of hobbies including but not limited to scrapbooking, quilting, genealogy, writing, reading and so forth.  But, there just aren’t enough hours in the day for all the things I love to do.  Therefore, I must CHOOSE.  In addition, since the passing of my sweet mother-in-law back in September, I have sought the Lord’s will for my life with the primary question being: “do I go back to work?”  So far, let’s just say, I’ve not felt a “release” in my spirit and therefore I’m still at home taking care of my precious grandson, Kash (who is now potty trained!) Yay!



In addition to taking care of Kash, I am trying to supplement my income with some sewing.  I am trying to turn my quilting hobby into a business along with a few other sewing endeavors that have sparked some business (namely cord covers!)  Ha! Who would have thunk it!

So, while I’ve been busy experimenting with different things to sew that will sell, I’ve also received news that I am going to have an opportunity to take care of another grandson in a few short weeks.  Jackson Dane will be born tomorrow to my youngest, step-son and his wife.  This will be their first child and when his mama returns to work in 6 weeks teaching school I will have the opportunity to take care of him.  Although it will tie me down even more – I love those grandbabies and after working outside the home my entire life am truly enjoying staying home with them.

Okay, so you are wondering why the title, right?  Well, long story short – I’m just innocently asking the question.  We seem to be such an “all about me” society nowadays.  Am I wrong? Is it my imagination or does all this social media stuff, blogging, reality TV etc; fall under the same heading?  Me, me, me…Forgive me.  Some of the people I’ve become acquainted with online seem truly sincere and say they are my friends.  But, really?  Have you met me?  Have I met you?  Do you know me enough to be my friend or vice versa?

I’m sorry if that seems rude.  I’ve been accused of that.  I’ve been told my comments can be rude and snarky.  They truly and sincerely are not meant to be and that is also one of the reasons why I’m blogging less and less and keeping to myself more and more.  All this social media stuff just seems superficial to me.  (Not everyone, you understand)..but many.  I guess I’m just very old fashioned.  I would rather have a face to face chat with someone than talk on the phone any day.  Same goes for text, FB, or blogging.  It’s just not as deep and meaningful to me.  That’s just me, I’m sure. For what it’s worth…there are a small number of folks that have actually said they’ve missed me, and that made me feel extremely good.  Maybe there’s a little bit of narcissism in all of us.  

To be continued….


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