A typical day at Maw Maw’s house

No two days are alike, but many of our activities are repeated from day to day. The reason for my blog is because yesterday was the last day I will have the youngest four of my oldest daughter’s five children in my home to care for. Beginning Monday I will only have Kash (almost 2) and unfortunately I’m afraid he’s gonna be a lonely little fella for awhile without his 5 yr. old sibling and playmate, Ethan to wrestle with.

Ethan & Kash

Ethan & Kash

The kids arrive around 7:20 in the morning and I am just finishing up with Granny’s morning routine. Kash has to give “Ganny” a kiss and touch her face…

Granny, Kash & Linda

Granny, Kash & Linda

The “face touching” just started recently, but it amazes me that Kash just knows instinctively to be gentle. I didn’t tell him to be gentle or worry that he would slap or grab at her, but he just reaches over and ever so gently strokes her cheek. It is so sweet!!

He and Granny’s birthdays are only one day apart in September and his arrival two years ago coincides with Granny’s arrival from the nursing home two years ago.

Two years ago

Two years ago

With exception of July when the kids were with their dad, this summer I’ve enjoyed the company of Hannah, 15, Preston, 12, and of course Ethan and Kash. Just like my mom, one of the things I enjoy the most is feeding them! I love to cook a hot meal for them, especially if they like what I’m fixing!

Hannah, Preston & Ethan a couple years ago pre-Kash

Hannah, Preston & Ethan a couple years ago pre-Kash

Our large hot meal occurs around 11:30 in the morning with a mid-afternoon snack around 2 pm right before naptime. I would like to tell you that everything they eat is healthy and nutritious but that would be a lie. It’s not uncommon for me to have home baked sweets in the house or at least some candy and chips available. My big boy, Preston, 12 can put away some groceries, but sweets aren’t really his thing. He will choose trail mix over a cookie any day and likes “puff corn” and string cheese the best. Ethan (5), on the other hand, is a choc-o-holic and will be quite disappointed if there isn’t any chocolate in the house. Chocolate #1, Sugar #2. Yesterday, for example – I had no chocolate. He chose a bowl full of marshmallows. 🙂

Some misc activities you might find us involved in on any given day:

On a trek thru the neighborhood or walking on the trail at the bottom of the hill. This week our walks were taken early in the morning, right after breakfast before the temp hit 90’s. Ethan or Preston will often be on their scooter, Kash in the stroller while Hannah is home “sleeping in” or helping Paw Paw mow the lawn. Kash has lately gotten to where he likes to walk the trail rather than ride in the stroller. On one of our hot afternoon walks this week I snapped this pose under an overpass that goes over the trail..

The H G Mosley Hooligans

The H G Mosley Hooligans

Kash looks sunburned, but actually he just “flushes” really bad in the heat. He walked about a half a mile when this pic was taken and we had to walk another half a mile back to the car. He’s a very independent, outdoorsy little fella and absolutely loved the freedom of being able to walk. The trail has workout stations and so Preston enjoyed trying out all the cool equipment while Ethan rode his scooter.

Burning some calories

Burning some calories

Water play! Whether it’s a bath we are taking, playing in the swimming pool out on the patio or playing in the sink and “pretending” to wash the dishes – all my boys love the water!!


I also took the kids to “Kid’s Station” three or four times this summer. It’s one of those air conditioned indoor playgrounds that rough and tumble boys enjoy especially.


Many hours were spent at Lois Jackson Park which is connected to the trail that we walk. They have a nice little playground that is walking distance from our house.


Mind you, all of these activities have to take place while Paw Paw is at home, because otherwise there is no one to stay with Granny! So, there is alot of indoor stuff we do such as building forts, school work, reading books, legos etc;

There’s never a dull moment – with 3 boys and one 15 yr. old girl. I try to do something special with Hannah once in awhile so she doesn’t feel left out. One of those “Hannah” days was spent getting pedicures.

Pedicure time

Pedicure time

We left the boys home with Paw Paw, and went out for lunch, a little shopping and a mani/pedi. Good girl time!

So much more I could say about the things we do at Maw Maw’s but suffice it to say, it’s going to be a lot quieter and less busy with a 2 yr. old and a 93 yr. old to tend to. I have mixed emotions. Maybe it’s time to start back on tending to me…but that’s another blog post.


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  1. Patty O
    Aug 25, 2013 @ 00:54:10

    What wonderful fun you have! And what an amazing Grandma and Daughter. God has surely blessed your family with you!


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