Sweet Sisterly Fellowship

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Well, yesterday was my 2nd “1st Saturday fellowship” that I began having in June. I was motivated by a sister at church who wanted to learn how to make a quilt. I have called it our little “Crafting Social” and since we skipped the month of July yesterday’s social was only our second one. The sister who started it all wasn’t in attendance yesterday but we had new ladies join us that weren’t here in June also. Fun was had by all. It had been pre-planned to spend the first two hours on quilting info and the second two hours (11-3) on cardmaking. One of the new ladies that was coming wanted to show us all how to make cards.

As you can read from the invite, I asked everyone to bring something sweet or salty to share. We had way more food than we could ever eat, but I made my infamous Black Bean Chicken. So simple and quick!! Just what a girl wants when she’d rather be sewing!! Just four ingredients in the crockpot on low for 6-8 hours:

1 lb. frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1/2 cup brown rice (may use white) can be whole grain or Minute rice
2 cans black beans (don’t drain or rinse) may use other beans if you don’t like black
1 lge. jar Salsa (I use Pace, mild, but may use medium or hot).

When done stir until chicken is broken up and shredded. I serve wtih warm tortillas and shredded cheese. May also eat with chips, or serve with sour cream.

We had awesome chocolate dipped strawberries one lady had brought. Brownies, Choc Chip bars, Choc Chip cookies, raw veggie platter with dips, cheese tray – shall I go on? You get my drift.

My goal was to give the ladies lots of ideas to inspire them to make their own quilt.

6 blocks laid together of the "Broken Spider Web"

6 blocks laid together of the “Broken Spider Web”

This is one of the blocks I shared with them. It is referred to as “string quilting”. I am making this quilt for the friend who taught me how to take care of Granny and still helps me from time to time when I’m in a bind.

Another one that is quite similar but not as color coordinated as my broken spider web is the following:

String Quilt block

String Quilt block

I love the colors!! I love crazy quilts and these two string quilts are quite similar in workmanship because they use a “foundation fabric” that you sew onto before assembling your quilt. Crazy quilts also in my opinion don’t require as much precision and accuracy as other quilts do, so if you can’t cut a straight line these are great! Check out the one I’m working on for my son-in-law who owns a mountain cabin in New Mexico and loves to go hunting. This is his Christmas present:

Just one block

Just one block

Unfinished quilt top

Unfinished quilt top

Once I showed the ladies how simple it is to make a Crazy quilt, I had to take a break to tend to Granny’s needs while they got set up to make some cards. The lady who shared her ideas with us is a “Stampin Up” rep and so it was fun to see all their neat products and have an opportunity to make two cards each. I made a Get Well card for an elderly sister who’s in ICU and a birthday card for my baby girl who will be 34 next month.

Since I had an almost sleepless night the night before (I will save that one for another blog), once everyone left I crashed in my chair for about two hours!! I’m sure I was rocking the house with my snoring!

What a sweet gesture to get calls and texts today saying “thank you” and what fun everyone had. I so hope it’s true. I know I really enjoyed the time together.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Diane Fiore
    Aug 04, 2013 @ 22:54:49

    Looks like it was a wonderful day. I LOVE the crazy quilts!


  2. augielife
    Aug 06, 2013 @ 18:22:38

    What an awesome event. I love the quilts! The invitation is lovely as well. 🙂


  3. Diana Black
    Aug 11, 2013 @ 01:01:29

    Can’t wait till our next crafting get together. Thanks Linda for making us welcome in your cozy home.


    • bittygirl51
      Aug 11, 2013 @ 03:03:15

      Hey Diana, I really appreciate your loyalty and friendship. I can’t be in church tomorrow so would you call me at your earliest convenience to talk about next month’s social? I love our little get together and wish we could do it more often. Love ya!


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