Easy, Peasy, Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas

Rape a rotisserie chicken of it’s skin and bones. Tear dark and white meat into bite size pieces and place in a large mixing bowl. Add 1 can of rotel, 1 can of cream of chicken soup, and 1 can of Fiesta Nacho Cheese soup. Stir and combine with chicken thoroughly until well blended.

Lay out 12-15 corn or flour tortillas and add one ice cream scoop size of mixture to each. Roll up and place seam side down in a cake pan. There should be enough mixture to place some on top of cake pan as well. If not, you could pour some enchilada sauce of them.

Sprinkle the top with shredded cheese (I use a Mexican blend) and cover with foil. I bake in a 350 degree oven for about 45 minutes.

Serve with chips, salsa, guacamole & sour cream if you like.



There’s no rhyme or reason

When you are dealing with a terminal patient you never know from one day to the next what kind of day it will be.  Yesterday, Granny was having difficulty sucking through a straw.  I had to coax her every step of the way.  She only ate about half of her breakfast and half of her lunch.  She just wasn’t having a good day! 

Today, on the other hand, she was “bright eyed and bushy tailed” or at least as bright eyed and bushy tailed as you can be when you are confined to a bed 24 hrs. a day!  She ate a good helping of greek yogurt and cheerios for breakfast and an applesauce flavored with strawberries. 

Her yogurt is flavored with strawberries and honey and I grind up honey nut cheerios in the blender and stir it in.  Honey Nut cheerios was always her favorite cereal, but since she’s on a pureed diet I had to figure out how to give it to her.

She always drinks coffee and juice in the morning.  Her juice has her ground up meds in it.  She also drinks some water.  Yesterday she only drank about 1/2 her coffee (150 cc’s), only 40 cc’s of water, and her 150 cc’s of juice had to be given in several offerings.

Today, on the other hand, she SUCKED IT ALL DOWN! Juice w meds was sucked down in one fell swoop with no problem, 300 cc’s of coffe and another 150 cc’s of water!

The moral of the story:  Well, I’ve learned that often, if not always, it has nothing to do with me and what I do or don’t do as caregiver and all to do with her and how she’s feeling on any given day.  I try to provide her the love and care I’m capable of and the rest is just going with the flow.



Shame on you, Food Network!


If you have been following my blog for awhile you will remember my disappointment with the handling of the discrimination lawsuit against Paula Deen. I have kept my word and not watched any of my favorite shows on Food Network since I received news of this suit.

You will also note that this lawsuit has been dropped! http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2013/08/23/lawyers-agree-to-drop-paula-deen-discrimination-lawsuit/

How sad that Paula Deen had to go through all of this hurt, pain and disappointment and that her employer would not stand by her (as honest as she was), but instead chose to drop her like a hot potato (excuse the pun).

I’m praying and seeking the right attitude regarding you, Food Network. I know I must forgive you. But, right now I hope you are hanging your heads in shame!

A typical day at Maw Maw’s house

No two days are alike, but many of our activities are repeated from day to day. The reason for my blog is because yesterday was the last day I will have the youngest four of my oldest daughter’s five children in my home to care for. Beginning Monday I will only have Kash (almost 2) and unfortunately I’m afraid he’s gonna be a lonely little fella for awhile without his 5 yr. old sibling and playmate, Ethan to wrestle with.

Ethan & Kash

Ethan & Kash

The kids arrive around 7:20 in the morning and I am just finishing up with Granny’s morning routine. Kash has to give “Ganny” a kiss and touch her face…

Granny, Kash & Linda

Granny, Kash & Linda

The “face touching” just started recently, but it amazes me that Kash just knows instinctively to be gentle. I didn’t tell him to be gentle or worry that he would slap or grab at her, but he just reaches over and ever so gently strokes her cheek. It is so sweet!!

He and Granny’s birthdays are only one day apart in September and his arrival two years ago coincides with Granny’s arrival from the nursing home two years ago.

Two years ago

Two years ago

With exception of July when the kids were with their dad, this summer I’ve enjoyed the company of Hannah, 15, Preston, 12, and of course Ethan and Kash. Just like my mom, one of the things I enjoy the most is feeding them! I love to cook a hot meal for them, especially if they like what I’m fixing!

Hannah, Preston & Ethan a couple years ago pre-Kash

Hannah, Preston & Ethan a couple years ago pre-Kash

Our large hot meal occurs around 11:30 in the morning with a mid-afternoon snack around 2 pm right before naptime. I would like to tell you that everything they eat is healthy and nutritious but that would be a lie. It’s not uncommon for me to have home baked sweets in the house or at least some candy and chips available. My big boy, Preston, 12 can put away some groceries, but sweets aren’t really his thing. He will choose trail mix over a cookie any day and likes “puff corn” and string cheese the best. Ethan (5), on the other hand, is a choc-o-holic and will be quite disappointed if there isn’t any chocolate in the house. Chocolate #1, Sugar #2. Yesterday, for example – I had no chocolate. He chose a bowl full of marshmallows. 🙂

Some misc activities you might find us involved in on any given day:

On a trek thru the neighborhood or walking on the trail at the bottom of the hill. This week our walks were taken early in the morning, right after breakfast before the temp hit 90’s. Ethan or Preston will often be on their scooter, Kash in the stroller while Hannah is home “sleeping in” or helping Paw Paw mow the lawn. Kash has lately gotten to where he likes to walk the trail rather than ride in the stroller. On one of our hot afternoon walks this week I snapped this pose under an overpass that goes over the trail..

The H G Mosley Hooligans

The H G Mosley Hooligans

Kash looks sunburned, but actually he just “flushes” really bad in the heat. He walked about a half a mile when this pic was taken and we had to walk another half a mile back to the car. He’s a very independent, outdoorsy little fella and absolutely loved the freedom of being able to walk. The trail has workout stations and so Preston enjoyed trying out all the cool equipment while Ethan rode his scooter.

Burning some calories

Burning some calories

Water play! Whether it’s a bath we are taking, playing in the swimming pool out on the patio or playing in the sink and “pretending” to wash the dishes – all my boys love the water!!


I also took the kids to “Kid’s Station” three or four times this summer. It’s one of those air conditioned indoor playgrounds that rough and tumble boys enjoy especially.


Many hours were spent at Lois Jackson Park which is connected to the trail that we walk. They have a nice little playground that is walking distance from our house.


Mind you, all of these activities have to take place while Paw Paw is at home, because otherwise there is no one to stay with Granny! So, there is alot of indoor stuff we do such as building forts, school work, reading books, legos etc;

There’s never a dull moment – with 3 boys and one 15 yr. old girl. I try to do something special with Hannah once in awhile so she doesn’t feel left out. One of those “Hannah” days was spent getting pedicures.

Pedicure time

Pedicure time

We left the boys home with Paw Paw, and went out for lunch, a little shopping and a mani/pedi. Good girl time!

So much more I could say about the things we do at Maw Maw’s but suffice it to say, it’s going to be a lot quieter and less busy with a 2 yr. old and a 93 yr. old to tend to. I have mixed emotions. Maybe it’s time to start back on tending to me…but that’s another blog post.

Meet Samantha

caption id=”attachment_541″ align=”alignnone” width=”535″]RIP - Horse Snout RIP – Horse Snout[/caption]

This is Horse Snout aka “Pony”. She was my loveable, but “cattish” grandkitty. We lost her this year quite suddenly of a heart attack. My daughter and son-in-law were devastated to say the least. Although my husband and I aren’t cat lovers and never have been, we grew to love Pony. She was funny – especially so, when she “led” my husband head first right into my daughter’s sliding plate glass door. But, she was still a CAT. She was also an outdoor cat – so when we visited we seldom saw her.

The grief was so great that my daughter felt the only way for she and her husband to heal was to find a new kitty to love. Enter Samantha…


This is in the car on the way home from being rescued. They had been told that she was very “prissy” and would not tolerate another pet in the home, especially another cat. They discovered very quickly that Samantha loved her mommy’s quilt. The one that grandma (me) made for her this past Christmas.


So, my daughter Tanya asked if I would make Samantha a mini quilt just like hers. She wasn’t sure if it was the color or the fabric or my smell on the quilt – but she didn’t want to chance it! All I heard was “make it just like mine, mom”. So, using the scraps from the quilt I made my baby girl – I made this one for my girlie grandkitty. Isn’t she the most adoreable thing you’ve ever seen?

Pets on Quilts 3

Pets on Quilts 4

The irony in all this …is that I love this sweet kitty as if she were my own and I haven’t even had a chance to meet her yet! Unlike Pony, she is an “inside” kitty. From all that my daughter has shared, I’m of the mindset that Samantha thinks she’s a dog, even down to walking on a leash! She’s not stuck up or as independent as most cats and loves lots to cuddle! My daughter has included me in so many of the joyful times she’s experienced since Samantha joined their family that I can’t wait to meet her!

Unfortunately, we live 5 hours apart and lead very busy lives. So although I did get to see my daughter and son-in-law just last week in Fort Worth for dinner, meeting my lovely Samantha has had to be put on hold for awhile. Here’s a parting shot of Samantha on her quilt basking in the Texas sunshine.

Pets on Quilts

I hope you’ve enjoyed my entry for the “Pets on Quilts” competition. Check it out at: http://www.bloglovin.com/frame?post=1424767893&group=0&frame_type=a&blog=3387541&link=aHR0cDovL2ZlZWRwcm94eS5nb29nbGUuY29tL35yL0NyYWZ0eVNld2luZ1F1aWx0aW5nL34zL1lWbVluVERMMFE0L2ktd3JhcHBlZC11cC1pbi1teS1mYXZvcml0ZS1xdWlsdC5odG1s&frame=1&click=0&user=3409577

Kittys like quilts too, ya know!

Let Them Be Kids

Let Them Be Kids.

I liked this so much and agree so much that I just had to share with yall.

Blended families are difficult; I know first hand. But, I like this mom’s perspective!

A pictoral commentary & proof that I’m a girl!!

This is that “blog for another day” that I referred to in my previous blog. If you will recall I mentioned that I pretty much had a sleepless night on Friday night. I battle insomnia anyway, so I’m sure it was a combination of things that kept me awake, but the catalyst that got me “hyped up” was when I was laying in bed around 11 pm finishing Kristin Hannah’s newest novel,

The hubby was out fishing with the baby son, and so it was just Granny and I in the house. I heard this scratching, scraping, rustling noise in the bedroom that was hard to describe. I sat up in bed, looked around but didn’t see anything. I laid back down, raised my book to continue reading when I heard the sound again. The ceiling fan was turning normally on low and all was quiet except for that nagging scratching noise. Finally, I put my book down and looked straight up, above headboard – OMG! This is what I saw crawling on the swag directly above my head:


It can no longer be said that I don’t JUMP out of bed! Scared the …well you know. He promptly (it is a “he”, right?) scampered down the wall behind the headboard – no where to be found. This is what my bedroom looks like, so you will see..I wasn’t going to be moving much furniture by myself to get at the BIG bugger (pardon the pun).

Master bedroom

As I began to move my sleeping arrangements to the guest bedroom I spotted the BIG bugger crawling along the baseboard. I tried to get to him with my shoe to no avail – they are faster than you think. I wasn’t sure if hubby was coming in late or not at all – so I sent him a text letting him know of my scare and why I was sleeping in the guest room. I didn’t even want to use the Master Bath after that event!

So, my book and I retired to this room:
Guest bedroom 4

It took me about an hour to get to sleep but once I did I only slept about 30 minutes when hubby came thru the door to check on me. I awoke with a start when he kissed my forehead. Unfortunately, once I wake up I have great difficulty getting back to sleep. So, while he was on UNCONCERN regarding the BUG and snoring loudly in the BUG ROOM, I was flipping and flopping like a fish on a dry bank in the guest bedroom! ugh! I finally fell asleep at 5:15 am only to have the alarm go off at 6:30 am!!

While making the bed Sat. am, I found the bugger laying on floor beside the bed on his back wiggling his legs. He got his fill of WATER, by being FLUSHED DOWN THE TOILET! No more evidence until this morning when I picked up my favorite afghan in the living room and HIS BROTHER (they are “hes” right?) reared his ugly head! Eckk! I hate bugs! Especially, LARGE WATER BUGS! We are in a drought! What’s up with the WATER BUGS?

When I was a child growing up in the North Country – the only bug that annoyed and pestered me was the box elder bug!

I’m telling ya, I hated those little critters as well, but they don’t compare to Water Bugs! You could put a saddle on Water Bugs! Yuck!

Suffice it to say, I am NOT A HAPPY CAMPER…and hubby is outside spraying around the house as we speak! He said, “they are getting in somewhere, but not sure where”. Well, “sweet hubby, if you don’t fix the problem I will be calling the Orkin man”!! Aren’t those the most horrible commercials you’ve ever seen? I’m so girly girl that I have to change the channel when they play! 🙂

Sweet Sisterly Fellowship

caption id=”attachment_524″ align=”alignnone” width=”535″]The invitation The invitation[/caption]

Well, yesterday was my 2nd “1st Saturday fellowship” that I began having in June. I was motivated by a sister at church who wanted to learn how to make a quilt. I have called it our little “Crafting Social” and since we skipped the month of July yesterday’s social was only our second one. The sister who started it all wasn’t in attendance yesterday but we had new ladies join us that weren’t here in June also. Fun was had by all. It had been pre-planned to spend the first two hours on quilting info and the second two hours (11-3) on cardmaking. One of the new ladies that was coming wanted to show us all how to make cards.

As you can read from the invite, I asked everyone to bring something sweet or salty to share. We had way more food than we could ever eat, but I made my infamous Black Bean Chicken. So simple and quick!! Just what a girl wants when she’d rather be sewing!! Just four ingredients in the crockpot on low for 6-8 hours:

1 lb. frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1/2 cup brown rice (may use white) can be whole grain or Minute rice
2 cans black beans (don’t drain or rinse) may use other beans if you don’t like black
1 lge. jar Salsa (I use Pace, mild, but may use medium or hot).

When done stir until chicken is broken up and shredded. I serve wtih warm tortillas and shredded cheese. May also eat with chips, or serve with sour cream.

We had awesome chocolate dipped strawberries one lady had brought. Brownies, Choc Chip bars, Choc Chip cookies, raw veggie platter with dips, cheese tray – shall I go on? You get my drift.

My goal was to give the ladies lots of ideas to inspire them to make their own quilt.

6 blocks laid together of the "Broken Spider Web"

6 blocks laid together of the “Broken Spider Web”

This is one of the blocks I shared with them. It is referred to as “string quilting”. I am making this quilt for the friend who taught me how to take care of Granny and still helps me from time to time when I’m in a bind.

Another one that is quite similar but not as color coordinated as my broken spider web is the following:

String Quilt block

String Quilt block

I love the colors!! I love crazy quilts and these two string quilts are quite similar in workmanship because they use a “foundation fabric” that you sew onto before assembling your quilt. Crazy quilts also in my opinion don’t require as much precision and accuracy as other quilts do, so if you can’t cut a straight line these are great! Check out the one I’m working on for my son-in-law who owns a mountain cabin in New Mexico and loves to go hunting. This is his Christmas present:

Just one block

Just one block

Unfinished quilt top

Unfinished quilt top

Once I showed the ladies how simple it is to make a Crazy quilt, I had to take a break to tend to Granny’s needs while they got set up to make some cards. The lady who shared her ideas with us is a “Stampin Up” rep and so it was fun to see all their neat products and have an opportunity to make two cards each. I made a Get Well card for an elderly sister who’s in ICU and a birthday card for my baby girl who will be 34 next month.

Since I had an almost sleepless night the night before (I will save that one for another blog), once everyone left I crashed in my chair for about two hours!! I’m sure I was rocking the house with my snoring!

What a sweet gesture to get calls and texts today saying “thank you” and what fun everyone had. I so hope it’s true. I know I really enjoyed the time together.

My last day of freedom

Ethan and Kash are the two grandsons that I have been taking care of for the past 18 months. They are a joy! They have spent the last month with their dad and so I have had the month of July off. Guess what tomorrow is? August 1st! That means today was my last day of “freedom” 🙂

Playing in the sink

Playing in the sink

So, to celebrate my last day with no children I told my hubby I was going to spend my day playing on the computer and sewing. So, when I wasn’t tending to Granny’s needs that’s exactly what I did.

Look at what I made today:

Scrappy 9 patch quilted pillow cover - front

Scrappy 9 patch quilted pillow cover – front

It has an “envelope opening” in the back so it can be removed and washed:

The back

The back

It took me about 3-4 hours (with interruptions) to complete. I am so pleased with the way it turned out. It was just an experiment made from fabric scraps. Several of my friends have told me I should try to sell some of my quilts etc; I’ve never felt like they were good enough to sell. I always make them for friends and family and give them as gifts. So, I thought I would try a small project and put it on E-bay. I listed this pillow tonight.
I have an Etsy account, but the one time I really tried to get into understanding their rules and regs it just didn’t seem as user friendly as E-bay. Does anyone have an opinion or advice?

Fair warning…now that the boys will be back at my house Mon-Fri, I probably won’t be blogging quite as often and my sewing will have to be reserved for the evenings and weekends. Mind you, I’m not complaining…love my boys. Just gotta take my Geritol and get my running shoes out! LOL

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