This is an experiment….

Create your Own Pasta

Create your Own Pasta

My Crazy Quilt Pillow

My Crazy Quilt Pillow

Drama Free Zone

Drama Free Zone

I have sworn for several months now, that I would get a sign similar to this to post outside my house. DONE! I found it this past weekend while out antiquing. It now hangs outside my door.

The second pic is a pillow I purchased that I will use as a pattern for some other pillows I want to create.

The experiment was to try and post more than one picture since I’ve been having some difficulty doing so. My friend, Sheri told me how – my goal was to write then post, then write some more, then post. But, it appears as though the pics both posted right after each other?? I won’t know til I take another look at the finished post, but let me post one more pic after this paragraph and we will see where it goes. Sorry, if this is annoying, but I’m trying to figure this out. I’ve been on here almost a year and know where little about WordPress. I’m a visual learner. Hmmmm let’s see….

The last pic is of the pasta I had at Macaroni Grill Saturday.

Looks like all my pics are clumped together – any ideas on how to get them to space among my blog?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Diana Black
    Jul 30, 2013 @ 02:56:22

    If anyone can figure it out you can Sister.


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