The best patient!


My Mother in law was told two years ago that she had two months to live. Since she is still alive, obviously, God had a different plan from what man had. As I was feeding her breakfast this morning, and thinking of the “control” I had to give up – and all the surrendering I had to do – I was overcome with emotion for what a great patient she has been and just how easy she has made it on me! God just does things RIGHT! He doesn’t screw up like we do! He’s always RIGHT ON TIME!

aka “Granny” is under HOSPICE care which means I do have an aide come in three times a week to bathe her and a nurse that visits once a week to check vitals etc; The rest is up to my husband and I. I am the sole person that feeds her three tiems per day. She is on a pureed diet, therefore all of her food has to be pulverized in a food processor before I can feed it to her. Ninja, you are a lifesaver! Granny is entirely bedfast and not in control of her bowels, so I am the person solely responsible for keeping them moving and keeping her cleaned up. (She has a catheter for her urine which sometimes doesn’t work real well thus the need to change the sheets etc;)

God knows the beginning from the end. He sees down the road where we don’t see. That’s why I am confident that he knew (WHEN I DIDN’T) excatly what I WAS & AM capable of when he brought Granny into our home for her final days – how ever long they may be.

She lived a quiet, gentle existence with a life dedicated to God before getting sick – and now she’s unable to read her bible or even being in church! And yet He had spent at least 20 years building up a fire in me for the things of God, so I could be her caregiver and substitute. God knew what he was doing! She never complains! She is the BEST PATIENT! While eating breakfast this morning (Eggs, Sausage & Cheese) with coffee & water – she had to be reminded to suck. She was weak and was very slow in drinking her coffee thru a straw. I had to encourage her with every sip to “suck harder”.

Let me add, we are not trying to “sustain or prolong her life”…we are ready for her to go, when God is ready to take her. We are just trying to make her last days on this earth as comfortable and enjoyable as is possible considering our circumstances and limitations.

Yesterday afternoon (see pic), while eating lunch (because she was eating very slow), I asked her three times if she “was full”. She shook her head “no” each time, and so I continued to feed her. She has a great appetite most days and she cleaned the entire plate of food!

I just think how smart God is! He knew that if I was put in charge of my own mother’s care that it would be an entirely different story!! My mother is a whole different person from whom I describe in this blog. She would be complaining non-stop and nothing would ever be right! Proof that the old adage is true “distance makes the heart grow fonder”…my mother lives over 2000 miles away! My sis and bro have to put up with her and she’s in much better shape than Granny even though she’s only 3 years younger.

I just wanted to PRAISE GOD PUBLICLY for knowing me, urging me to surrendar entirely (wasn’t easy), allowing Him to shape me and mold me, and for TRUSTING me in the care of a marvelous woman of God! I will do it, until and when He calls her home.

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  1. Diana Black
    Jun 29, 2013 @ 15:21:01

    Praise God! Your absolutely right Linda, I’m ssure that if Granny was in someone else’s care, she would be some what neglected. Tgank you Linda for giving Granny the TLC she deserves. God’s faithful child. Thank you Jesus for my friend Linda, being also a faithful servant. Bless You Linda, I really admire you. Hopefully, if need be, I will be there for mother as she is for mother now. My mother is taking care if her 96 year old mother. My grandmother is blind and uses a walker. I am blessed to have them both in my life, and you also your are an inspiration to me and others Linda.


  2. bittygirl51
    Jun 30, 2013 @ 03:18:00

    Thank you, Diana. You are so sweet to say such kind things. I just know how much I have grown spiritually once I took my “working” hat off, and put my “servant” hat on. You are a dear friend – one I will always treasure!


  3. Bonnie
    Jul 01, 2013 @ 04:50:56

    I am in awe of the kindness that you show in all of the roles that you fill: caretaker, wife, mother and grandmother. Your heart is clearly filled with the love of God, Linda. May I address you as Linda since I see that others do?


    • bittygirl51
      Jul 01, 2013 @ 23:12:31

      Thank you, Bonnie for your kind words. By all means, you may address me by my first name. Life is fleeting – so I will try to make the most of it in the remaining days we all have left.


  4. Patty O
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 01:19:00

    What a wonderful blog post – and what a blessing you are. Isn’t it amazing how God can work wonders through people (especially when you realize that person is you?). I’m not saying that to be boastful, instead in a manner of amazement for His wonderful gifts. Bless you and your mother-in-law (and mother too)!


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