Without a doubt this will not be a popular blog for many because I have a very STRONG opinion regarding the Paula Deen/Food Network fiasco. Suffice it to say, I’ve written to Food Network, Paula Deen and some of my favorite shows on Food Network since I will no longer be enjoying the shows they employ.

I am appalled at Food Network’s behavior (NOT Paula Deen’s) and an SHOCKED that they would not support their employee during this very difficult time for her. The use of the “n” word or racial discrimination (which this is reported to be – NADA!) is not to be tolerated at all – I do agree. But, REALLY? The sins of the past? Is this something that happened just recently? No! Does that make it any less serious? No!

But, I ask you – What has become of a world where we can no longer tell a joke or have a good laugh, or even use a racial/gender slur in the spirit it was intended?? There’s been no mean spirit, or racial discrimination behind these events or comments that MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE OCCURRED. I wonder how many blonde jokes Paula Deen has had to endure thru the years?

I’m sure you are wondering why I, (as a Bible believing Christian) would feel so passionate about such a topic? #1) Because I’m human and have a fallen nature! I’ve fallen short, many times! I’ve screwed up, said things I shouldn’t have, made huge mistakes, told stupid jokes in the company of people that may have been offended and was inconsiderate. #2)I’ve been sued as she is being (for sexual harrassment and gender discrimination). I WON, my petitioners DID NOT! And another key factor in all this – MY EMPLOYER NOT ONLY SUPPORTED ME, but PAID ALL THE COURT COSTS etc; never expecting one dime to be reimbursed.

This is about a DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE that was fired! I’ve been there and done that! I was sued by three young men who were passed up for promotion (beat out by a woman), and eventually FIRED for various reasons. I was their boss – and their charges were eventually found to be unfounded, but it cost my company thousands of dollars to defend the case.

In the old days (let me remind you Paula Deen is OLD) racial slurs were more common & tolerated, even expected. (That doesn’t make it right, I add). I’m not giving Paula a “pass”, but I am extending forgiveness. REALLY? Have you ever said anything UGLY or STUPID, that you regretted later? At Paula’s own admission, racial comments did occur, but “not in recent years”. Did Food Network do a thorough investigation before deciding to fire Paula? She’s a big money maker for them – but are all the other programs bigger money makers? Were they worried about jeopardizing the greater good (the entire Network)? I don’t know the answer to any of those questions…but I am still very upset mostly over the “politically correct” society we now live in!!

We have become a very touchy, sensitive society that preaches “tolerance” but doesn’t practice it. If Paula Deen is to be punished for the sins of the past then we all should be in front of the firing squad! I wouldn’t stand a chance! But, I’ve made amends to those I’ve offended and moved forward. Paula is trying to do the same. Give a girl a break! Especially one that was raised & always lived in the South! I know, I know “she of all others should know better”, right? Not necessarily – I’m from up North and the culture in the South and the use of the “n” word is more prevalent here in Texas that it ever was up North where I grew up. What does that tell you?

What’s really ironic about all this is that I’ve not watched alot of Paula Deen’s shows on Food Network. I’m not a big fan of her show as much as I’m a big fan of her. I like her funny flirtatious personality! As they say in the South – she’s a HOOT! She’s funny! She does a stand-up, live show that tops most stand-up comedians. I don’t believe for ONE SECOND that anything she said or did (which still has yet to be revealed), was ill intended, mean spirited or intended to harm in anyway. That being said, be on notice – FOOD NETWORK – you are off my viewing schedule and are being BOYCOTTED as of this posting! You are obviously going the direction of DC with your liberal agenda and it’s unfortunate for many who don’t care to buy what you are selling.

I’m living vicariously, Part II


Living vicariously through someone means to experience something through someone else. For example, the fanatic may not mind his mediocre life because he lived vicariously through his idol.

Let me preface my blog first by saying,

I’m 62 years old, folks!

I know, I know, it’s only a number and you can site me several examples of folks who have accomplished great feats later in life, right? Very true! But when you relinquish control and allow God to steer the vessel, sometimes your life is not what you intended or desired for it to be.

That being said, I am ALSO living vicariously thru my oldest (37) daughter, Theresa some days. Although not as often as I do with my only son, (See previous blog: “I’m living vicariously, Part I)…I envy Theresa’s creative abilities and wish I were only 1/2 as good. Some would say I am as good – but I would disagree.

She’s the person who got me interested in scrapbooking – and I have 19 STUFFED 12X12 scrapbooks to prove it! But when you look at hers versus mine – it’s obvious who has the creative abilities in the family.

She’s also the one who tried for a VERY LONG time to get me interested in quilting. I resisted because of my time constraints. I was working FT when her urging began, but NOW several years later, while FT caregiver for my 92 yr. old MIL – here I am, totally ADDICTED to quilting and fabric collecting!! My hobbies is primarily what keeps me SANE most days. I guess I can’t say I’m living vicariously any longer, now can I?

Theresa is also a very talented cake creator and decorator. Although I can bake a cake better than she can (she usually uses boxed mixes, where I bake from scratch) – her fondant cakes are very creative and gorgeous! Proof I’m am living vicariously in this catergory is the more than 175 pins of cake I have on Pinterest. She has actually turned all of her creative endeavors into money making opportunities – which completely baffles me, since I have always been strong in sales! The girl can sell ice to an eskimo! She used to make “embellished children’s clothing” when her daughter was young – and turned it into a quite lucrative business for awhile.

Theresa has sold everything from homemade boxed lunches at worksites, to scrapbooks created from her customer’s photos, to cakes for birthdays, anniversaries etc; to quilts (just finishing a t-shirt quilt for someone she works with), to monogrammed towels for housewarming gifts for her sister who is a realtor. And she charges way more than I would ever pay for some of that stuff – it just blows me away and how she connects with people and convinces them to order her wares!

Fast forward to today – Theresa’s creative endeavors have diminished somewhat since she’s now a single parent of 5 children and has had to work outside the home full-time. I take care of her children while she works in the medical field and I guess you could say we have switched roles somewhat.

If I ever get to go back to work (when Granny passes away), it will again probably be something I have already been doing vicariously thru Theresa. One of her jobs she had in the past that I would love to have – is working in a fabric store! LOL

In closing, I would say “I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know who holds the future”!!

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