See Spot Run…

IMG_20130517_085202_643If you are a baby boomer as I am, then you probably remember the old books we used to learn to read from in grade school. Do you remember Dick & Jane and their dog Spot? “See Dick”. “See Jane”.
“See Dick & Jane”. “See Spot”. “See Dick & Jane run”. “See Spot run”. “See Dick & Jane run after Spot”.

While out for my morning stroll with my grandson, Kash I realized what a joy it is to have this quality time with him and the degree of learning that is taking place as we stroll. I was going to call this blog, “Learning words, as we Stroll”. He loves the 30 min. stroller ride we take in the neighborhood most mornings because he gets to enjoy all of nature, and Maw Maw’s undivided attention. (His older siblings prefer video games and Netflix to walking).

“Puppie”, “Dog”, “What’s the puppie say?” “Woof, Woof” “Big dog”, “Black dog”….”Car”, “Red car”, “Little red car”, “Truck”, “Big Truck”, “Black Truck”, “Big Black Truck”….”Squirrel”, “See Squirrel?” “See squirrel run up the tree?”… “Mailbox”, “Pine Cone”, “Leaves”, “Tree”, “Big Tree”, “Flowers”, “pretty flowers”, “Grass”, “Garbage Truck”, “Birds?” “Hear the birds?” “What’s the bird say?” “Cheep, cheep”…

I guess I just don’t want to take for granted all the learning that I believe is taking place during this time and that somehow I will have a positive impact on my grandson’s life because of it. What started out for me as an opportunity for some physical exercise has become so much more!

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