What is wrong with you, Maw Maw?

I had the most obvious sign that I am “embracing” FULL GRANDPARENTHOOD, when my hubby at I were dining at Fisherman’s Market on Saturday.

A little ways from our table was a large group of adults and children. It appeared as if they had just come from a ballgame since the boys had ball uniforms on. Everyone except one boy (approx. 10 years old) were sitting at a long table. Behind their table this one lone boy sat with his back to everyone. Everyone was eating, including this little boy. He didn’t look back, and didn’t interact with this group. I FELT SO BAD, that he was being ignored while everyone else talked and laughed and enjoyed their “group fellowship”.

The other table was comprised of obvious parents, grandparents, and other kids. But none of them were having anything to do with this one little boy! Grrrrrr!!! He didn’t appear disabled or handicapped in any way. Was he being punished? Had he struck out in the game? Was he sick? I didn’t know, and I didn’t care!! I just didn’t like the obvious (in my opinion) mistreatment of this young man! It BOTHERED ME GREATLY!

I was facing this group, while my hubby couldn’t see any of what was going on. I described the situation to him and he thought I was fretting over nothing! And maybe I was – but I just couldn’t get past it. It really disturbed me and literally ruined my lunch!

Suffice it to say that hubby knows me well and so when I got up to go the restroom he gave me strict instructions to leave the little boy alone. I obeyed and felt better when before leaving I witnessed an older grandfatherly man that was with the group go over to the little boys table and talk with him. I don’t know for sure – but I think he was in a “time out” situation.

What I find so profound is that the mother in me wasn’t bothered by this situation, but the grandmother in me was!


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