Our “appreciate nature” stroll


My 20 month old grandson, Kash and I try to get out at least 2-3 times a week for a morning stroll. It’s about the only “workout” I get these current days. We leave the house around 8:20 in the morning while his big brother, Ethan stays home watching Netflix with Paw Paw.

While strolling this morning I was pondering the importance of this little 30 min. walk with my grandson. The time is spent not just walking or riding in the stroller but talking and observing. I’m doing most of the talking and he’s doing most of the observing! 🙂 I’ve picked up pine cones and leaves to let him hold and said the words to him. When he grows tired of them he will toss them down to the ground. I comment about the “pretty flowers” and now Kash has gotten to where when we stroll by them, he wants to get close enough to smell them! Ha! We watch for the “birdies” and talk about them “flying away” and “what they say” – “cheap, cheap”. We watch for squirrels and see them run up the trees or scamper across the grass or road.

Kash knows a mailbox when he sees one and reaches out to “check the mail”, since he’s walked out to the mailbox with Maw Maw before. He’s such a smart little whip, and has a memory much better than my own! I call attention to the bugs when we see them – and he says, “buug”. There are lots of barking dogs in the neighborhood and so we have to say, “puppie” or “doggie” and Kash will remind me that whether it’s a doggie or a puppie, that it says “whoof”.

As rambunctious a young man as Kash is – I know he loves this little morning stroll, because he doesn’t protest being in the stroller for 30 minutes and doesn’t try to get out and walk. On the other hand, when we go to the stores, he doesn’t want to be confined in the cart (or “buggie” as we call it in Texas). He wants to get down and walk!!

I guess I’d like to think that when Kash get’s older he will remember and cherish these times and that his knowledge and smarts will be a direct result of this special time we spent together. Unfortunately, I’ve learned that your grown children & grandchildren don’t always remember things the same way you do. I can only hope that some of it will remain.

Suffice it to say, our “appreciate nature” walk at least FOR ME is more about appreciating quality time spent with grandchildren. I’m so glad I decided to support my oldest daughter this way, by taking care of her two youngest sons while she went to work full-time. It’s been an investment well spent.


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