Change your focus!

Change your focus!

After just getting paid the other day an acquaintance said to me, “I’ve got $80 left and I just got paid!” Hmmmm…So, I asked, “rent’s paid, right?” The reply was “yep”.

I’m not wanting to seem judgemental at all and I know times are tough now, but really? Shouldn’t we be thankful that we still have a roof over our head and the bills are paid?

$80 may not be much/or even enough to get this person to the next payday – but my only point – much of it is in our attitude. It’s worked for me!

God finds ways to supply our every need and provide for us when we need it the most. I’m living proof of that! But, I think there is a much greater chance of that…if we keep the faith! (A positive/upbeat attitude can take us far).

I’ve had my fair share of tough times and had $0 when the bills weren’t paid!! I struggled to stay out of God’s way. Although tempted to run to the bank and take a loan or borrow from a family member, many of those times – I just STOOD STILL! When we are constantly working out our own dilemmas and trying to bail ourself out of our own fixes, I believe we sometimes deprive God of an opportunity to show Himself and His miracle working ways!

I have gotten in God’s way more times than I care to admit. But, I’m a work in progress and He is faithful to stay the course with me.

We can’t envision ahead of time how God wants to bless us or what He will do or not do. That’s what faith is all about! “it is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things NOT seen”..(Hebrews 11:1)

So, as much as I wanted to say this to my friend – I knew she would take offense and think I was “preaching”. Honestly, I’m not! I’m just tapping into God’s word and those 62 yrs of experience I’ve had in the School of Hard Knocks.



The Silly Games we Play, that Bring JOY to our Day!

The Silly Games we Play, that Bring JOY to our Day!

When my 5 yr. old and 19 mo. old grandson arrive each morning, I am still in my nightgown and have just finished waking, changing and feeding Granny. Ethan (5) is a big Netflix fan (Power Rangers, Transformers, Ninja Turtles etc;), but the baby, (Kash) is Maw Maw’s “helper”! So after we get breakfast out of the way it’s off to complete our “morning routine”. While making the beds there’s got to be some pillow pouncing and mattress jumping. (Yeah, I know – I’m a ‘cool’ grandma – not a stick in the mud that doesn’t allow any of that).

Then it’s off to the bathroom for some personal hygiene. Kash & Ethan both have their own toothbrush and bubble gum flavored toothpaste, but it’s just a chore to Ethan where it’s play and fun for Kash. He loves brushing his teeth. Of course, he’s chewing (cutting those eye teeth) more than he’s brushing, but he’s gotta participate when Maw Maw is brushing her teeth!

By the raising of hands and the wiggling of fingers Kash let’s me know that he want’s to peer out the bathroom window at the birdies that are perched on the patio furniture. This is a morning ritual! Of course, then we have to wave bye bye to the birdies when it’s on to my hair duties.

I have extremely long hair that has to be brushed and pinned up, but before I can do that I have to bend over, brush it over my head so my face is covered and then do my hands like a scary monster and chase Kash and his brother around the house! Oh, what fun! I know those are memories we will always cherish! Then, it’s back to the bathroom to finish my hair. While spraying my hair – Kash has to have a spritiz too!

You would think if there was vacumming to do, I would do it while the boys aren’t here…but I’ve discovered that they enjoy making a chasing game out of it. So while I vacumm the living room, dining room, 2 bedrooms and a hallway – they run and scream and jump up on the furniture while I chase them and try to “get them” with the vacumm monster!

Vacumm monsters, hairy monsters and tickle monsters are everywhere! Oh my, Maw Maw’s house can be such a scary and dangerous place! 🙂

My little helper has to water the plants for me, throw his diaper in the trash when I change it, help me sweep the kitchen floor. (He holds the dustpan, while I sweep the dirt into it).

They are both “all boy” – so they love fighting, building and destroying things – but anyone that says you can’t get anything done when you have little one’s in the house just isn’t organized! Mornings revolve around housework and in the afternoons we read books, build with blocks, play hide and seek etc;

With 14 grandchildren – but only a few that live close, I so wish I could have this much fun with all of them!


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