I’m having fun!

I'm having fun!

Because I am “forced” to stay home and take care of my 92 yr. old, bedfast mother-in-law, I’m getting to do things I haven’t done in years!

Currently, I am taking a quilting class online from Craftsy. This is my “pancake” or first completed block of the design Anita Solomon is teaching me. It is called Anita’s Arrowhead. I already had the fabric and when purchased, I had no idea what I was going to do with it. It seemed perfect for this design.

I’ve always worked outside of the home, and although I’ve always been crafty and creative, the only quilts I’ve made in the past were simple patchwork or crazy quilts which require less accuracy in cutting and placing.

When I’m feeling “isolated” or “forced” (as I said earlier) to stay at home and am unable to get out I remind myself of all the projects I’ve been able to complete in the last two years and how I would have had to hire someone to do most of it or it wouldn’t have gotten done.

I always try to look at the bright side when I feel that “ungrateful gripe” sneaking up on me! Now, it’s on to fixing lunch for my sweet hubby who is due home from church shortly.

It’s chicken quesadillas and refried beans today.



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