Am I the common denominator?

Does this look like the face of a hateful person?

Does this look like the face of a hateful person?

If I am, I don’t want to be!  All the great blogs I read usually have one thing in common.  They are funny!  The bloggers that I follow have a great sense of humor.  So, where does that put me?  I don’t really consider myself a very funny person. I tend to take life too serious!  So, that being said – you may find this post too serious, but I’ve got to talk about it.  The subject?  Family estrangement!

We’ve had way too much of it in our families.  My husband and I share that situation!  My youngest daughter and I talked about it recently.  She thinks it’s “horrible” that we have so much division or estrangement in our families.  Is it horrible? And am I the common denominator? Is he the common denominator in his family?  And if we are, does that mean we have the power to change it…just by being more friendly and more patient with our other family members?  Can we just not “let things get to us” so much?

I envy those families that are “close knit” and seem to always get along so well.  I worry that because we aren’t so close knit, that I will spend my old age alone!  I don’t want to be alone when I’m old!

You may wonder why I’m talking about this today after not blogging for 5-6 months.  It’s my baby sister’s 46th birthday today – but we don’t speak and haven’t spoken since 2010.  (That’s our most recent period of estrangement, but not our only one.)  Yes, it was my decision to not speak with her because I refuse to subject myself to her demented form of abuse!  Nuff said!

Just one example, but all I can say is family division/estrangement began very early in life for me.  As a young adult, my mom and I had periods of “not speaking”.  (My decision, as well).  The others seem less disturbed by it then I do. (They rarely, if ever are the one to apologize – I am).  I go so long, and then for one reason or another – I decide to bury the hatchet and apologize even though sometimes I don’t feel like I am the one that should.  Oh well – I hate family estrangement!

Long story – short, I miss my sister a tiny bit (not alot).  She was born 16 years after I was.  I loved being her big “Sissy”.  We aren’t much alike.  Our philosophies/beliefs – the way we live etc; are not similar.

So, Happy Birthday, Tammy.  You won’t be getting a call from me today, but I still hope you have a great day.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tanya
    Mar 04, 2013 @ 15:14:26

    I’m not far enough removed from the situation to give an opinion. 🙂


  2. Adam J. Holland
    Mar 17, 2013 @ 14:01:14

    Ah.. Family estrangement. It’s more common than you might think. Like you, I love my family. I once told my mom, though, that my brother is not exactly someone I’d hang out with if we weren’t related. And don’t forget that the phone rings both ways. Maybe it’s time for someone else to apologize.


    • bittygirl51
      May 01, 2013 @ 15:12:56

      Sorry, I’m so slow to respond, Adam – but I DO agree with you. My husband says the same thing. “The phone rings both ways!” I’m just trying to “stay soft” and not get hardened or bitter about it. Thanks for your feedback.


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