Woman’s work is never done!

NOTE:  This is an entry from my journal of last Sunday…

I’m not sure how I did it when I was working full-time because now I’m housebound and I still never seem to get caught up!  Everywhere I look or turn there seems to be things to do.  Not, just work related items but things I WANT to do!

 I’m not one of those individuals that get’s bored easily.  You will rarely hear me saying, “I’m bored”. When I am all “caught up” (which is rare), I do get a bit stir crazy or restless.  But, rarely do I run out of things to do.

 I just re-read that first paragraph and some might interpret “I never seem to get caught up” as a comment from someone who’s not real organized, but that’s not me.  Although the comment does come from someone who’s maybe not totally satisfied with her surroundings (my husband’s bathroom cabinets need painting), it’s more about there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day for all the things I LIKE to do.

 The dishes are done (sinks are empty), dishwasher is unloaded, (couple items have been re-loaded), floors are fairly clean, beds are made and I know what I’ll be fixing for dinner.  But, it’s Sunday and since I have no help with Granny today, I am stuck at home while hubby goes on to church. (He’s the only sound technician and without him, services would go on, but not as smoothly.)

 I’m usually pretty good at prioritizing, but some days I just want to do the fun stuff and leave the work stuff!

 Here’s a list of things I need, want or would like to do today:

 NEED                                        WANT/WOULD LIKE

  1. Dust the entire house                    1.  Read my Karen Kingsbury book
  2. Do some ministry work                 2.  Finish “The Last Lecture”
  3. Paint those bathroom cabinets    3.  Work on 3 unfinished quilts
  4. Move shelf in Granny’s room       4.  Bake cookies for new neighbors
  5. Balance checkbook                         5.  Bake cookies for helper/cousin
  6. Read my bible                                 6.  Work on cookbook I’m writing
  7. Take a free quilt class                    7. Enroll in a Writer’s school

Enough already!  There’s more I could list, but that’s just today!  I am also a list maker and I get a lot more done when I make a list the night before of what I want to get done and cross them off as I go.  I don’t make a list daily – but make a list when I feel like I have a lot that I want to get done in a day.  I get a great sense of accomplishment as I cross things off.

 Long story – short, (hubby has left for church) and so before it’s time to fix dinner (2 ½ hours from now) I will go ahead and dust, do some ministry work and move Granny’s shelf (since hubby almost knocked it off the wall this morning).  I might take a nap in my recliner after lunch and before hubby leaves at 4:00 for choir practice and evening services.

Instead of the nap, I might bake those cookies (they really need to be under the “need to” list) because cousin, Billy (who will be at church tonight) was kind enough to help us install a new back door last Thursday.  In addition to feeding him lunch while he was here, it’s my way of saying, “thank you”.  Since I will be making 4 or 5 dozen, I could split the recipe up and give some to the young couple that has moved in next door as a little “welcome” gift.  Ya think?

 No idea, what else might transpire while hubby is in church this evening but I’m confident I will sit down in my recliner at some point this evening and work on one of my quilts.

 I hope this gets you thinking about what you will do today and challenges you to prioritize the “need tos” and the “want tos”!


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